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The National Academy of Elder law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA)

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA) was founded in 1987 as a professional association of attorneys who are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to people as they age and people with special needs. The NAELA membership is comprised of attorneys in the private and public sectors who deal with legal issues affecting people as they age and people with disabilities. Members also include judges, professors of law, and students.

NAELA Members can call 800-88-NAELA (800-886-2352) for account service and information about the NAELA / SFP merchant program.

Learn More at ► www.NAELA.org

The Association for Hose & Accessories Distribution (NAHAD)

NAHAD members include companies, worldwide, engaged in the distribution and manufacture of all types of hose, tubing, couplings, fittings, clamps and related accessories serving the industrial marketplace, as well as firms who offer services and products to the industry. The mission of NAHAD is to promote a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry by providing a medium for communications, education and training, so that quality is maximized and profitability enhanced. Through active participation, NAHAD members gain important competitive advantages.

NAHAD members can call 855-836-0808 for information about the NAHAD / SFP merchant processing program.

Learn More at ► www.nahad.org

The Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)

OSSN's mission is to provide our members with every possible tool and unlimited travel agent training to help their business succeed in today's new travel environment. OSSN provides members with a variety of educational programs and networking communication platforms that allow members a professional forum to help ENSURE the success of your travel agent business.

The Outside Sales Support Network was founded in 1990. Today the Association has over 80 Chapters with over 8000 members and 160 Allied Supplier Members.

Learn More at ► www.ossn.com


For almost three decades, Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc. has provided assistance to more than six hundred insurance companies, agencies, managing general agencies, and independent premium finance companies before, during, and long after they have established their insurance premium finance companies. The FinanceMaster® premium finance software system is in use by hundreds of insurance premium finance companies throughout North America. The FinanceMaster® system incorporates thousands of safeguards to maximize your profits and minimize your risk. Service First Processing and AIS offer an integrated credit card processing solution that enables the timely receipt of internet premium payments without sacrificing your profit margin.

Learn More at ► http://www.financemaster.com

Vision Partners, Inc.

Vision Imaging Partners was established in 1997 to preserve the independence and integrity of Medical Imaging Service and Supply companies through a nationwide network of dealers dedicated to common goals and strategies for the future, which includes the power of group purchasing contracts. Vision is a corporation comprised of 80+ independent medical imaging dealers nationwide and still growing. We joined in partnership to improve the quality of products and services offered to the medical imaging community. Our members primarily focus on the hospital and private practice markets. Over 50 participating manufacturers and service providers comprise the Vision Imaging Partners Portfolio of quality products and services offered.

Learn More at ► www.visionpartners.org